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A modern day adaptation of Edith Wharton's short story 'Xingu'. Bally is the formidable leader of a band of pseudo-intellectuals who have the honor of hosting the illustrious author Osric Dane for a discussion of her novel 'The Wings of Death'. Despite Bally's confidence in his mental acuity and meticulous preparation, he gets a surprise lesson in the art of being smart.Bally's 'Culture Club' is a gathering of community leaders in the realm of art and culture...and Robbie.  Bally's goal for his club is to concentrate the highest tendencies of his small community representing what is highest in art, literature, and ethics. A disagreeable guest author and a mischievous group member with a grudge tip the discussion into unfamiliar waters and it is sink or swim for this group of crisp know-it-alls who want anything but to expose a soggy intellect.

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