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Heart Shaped Man

Michael Wainwrightâ's Heart Shaped Man music video is directed and animated by Kristen Miller.  The single was written by Roland Orzabal of Tears for Fears for Wainwright who performed the song during their 2010 tour.The "Heart Shaped Man" story begins with the main character trapped in an hourglass.  He quickly finds himself in surrealistic landscapes where goes through a set of bazaar experiences and adventures to find his inner-self, only to end up where he started.The video was animated in the traditional 2D production style using ToomBoom software. The art direction takes it's cues from the classic animated film from the Beatles - 'Yellow Submarine'.The Producer was Roland Orzabal, Concept was Michael Wainwright and Kristen Miller, the Animator Director and Editor was Kristen Miller.

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